The Compute Platform for Lightspeed Services.

kraftcloud is the millisecond cloud platform enabling instant cold-starts and scale-to-zero service deployments at planetary scale.

'Only On' Pricing

No traffic, no usage, no idling fees. We only charge for when your service is processing a request or performing a calculation.


We tailor everything down to a custom kernel for your application: no performance compromises and a minimal trusted computing base (TCB).

High Performance

The high-efficiency workloads require 70% less compute resources, do not work when idle, and overall require less servers to operate.

kraftcloud is the only edge cloud platform capable of cold-starting services in under 20ms, utilizing 70% less compute resources, and hardening the baseline of essential services.

Fast. Faster. Fastest.

Your application is unmodified: KraftCloud works by transparently optimizing every layer underneath. You get acceleration without having to change how your app works.

  • We immediately scale to 0: No traffic, no usage, no idling fees.
  • Images are an order of magnitude smaller: fast transport, cheap storage.
  • Immediately auto-scale based on usage demand; run your CPUs hot.


70+ Edge Locations

We've partnered with world-class infrastructure providers to deliver a seamless edge network experience to further accelerate instant service access.

  • Get daringly close to your users.
  • Immediately replicate services based on locality-demand.
  • Dedicated edge location inter-connects.