We're on a mission to change virtualization forever.

Typical virtual service deployments are over-priced by as much as 50%.
If you're running services using public cloud, then you're already overspending.
Unikraft is on a mission to reduce cloud compute bills, increase performance and security.

A Deep Tech Start-up

Unikraft GmbH is backed by over 9 years of award-winning research in the areas of virtualization, unikernels and containers.

The team launched the start-up with a strong belief that the way clouds are currently run, and workloads on them deployed, while convenient, are extremely inefficient — leading to large cloud spend, less-than-secure deployments and a larger than desired energy footprint.

Leveraging open source and based on an open-core model, Unikraft is on a mission to fundamentally shake the way deployments are done in the cloud. If you are frustrated with large cloud spend, painful cold boots, slow autoscale or any number of other cloud inefficiencies drop us a line and join us on our adventure.